Record Groundwater Lows Further Justification for Scheme ­ Says Water Enhancement Committee – 12  March 2003
“Recent Environment Canterbury findings on record low groundwater levels further emphasize the need for a community water enhancement scheme”. 

Water Scheme Will Help Control Groundwater Nitrates Levels ­ says Proponent – 11 March 2003
“Recent claims that large scale community water enhancement schemes threaten groundwater quality are wrong”.

Water Scheme Proponent Opts for Alternative Storage Site – 22 November 2002
“Central Plains Water has opted for the Waianiwaniwa Valley as site for the storage reservoir that will be a key component in its proposals”.

Study Points Way Forward for the Region – 16 October 2002
“Central Plains Water has welcomed a major study of Canterbury’s water resource, published today”.

‘Opportunity for the Whole Region’ by Doug Marsh – 27 February 2002
” Canterbury people care passionately about this project”.

‘Why Canterbury Needs Water Enhancement’ by Doug Marsh – 12 February 2002
“Using water from the region’s characteristic braided rivers to promote Canterbury’s economy by irrigating farmland was first suggested in 1883”.

Water Study Organisations Apply for Resource Consent6 December 2001
“The two publicly funded bodies investigating large water enhancement schemes to the north and south of the Rakaia River have joined forces to apply for resource consent to take water from the river”.

Details Emerge on Proposed Scheme – 20 August 2001
” More details about a scheme to irrigate 84,000 hectares on the upper emerged in a discussion paper published today”.

Water Enhancement ‘Could Create 4,000 New Jobs’13 December 2000
Up to 4,000 jobs could be created, worth $600 million per annum to the Canterbury region, if an ambitious plan to bring water to farms between the Waimakariri and Rakaia rivers goes ahead”.

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