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June 2006 – Assessment of Environmental Affects for Resource Consent Applications to Canterbury Regional Council

Table of contents (358KB)
Section 1 (256KB)
Section 2 (56KB)
Section 3 (3MB)
Section 4 (50KB)
Section 5 (65KB)
Section 6 (1.6MB)
Section 7 (72kb)
Section 8 (4.3MB)
Section 9 (54KB)
Section 10 (143KB)

Map 1 Dam and Reservoir (267KB)
Map 2 Upper Intake (783KB)
Map 3 Headrace (723KB)
Map 4 Headrace (749KB)
Map 5 Headrace (780KB)
Map 6 Springfield Sheffield (379KB)
Map 7 Darfield (931KB)
Map 8 Te Pirita (823KB)
Map 9 Windwhistle (754KB)

Appendix A References (54KB)
Appendix B Locations and Maps (44KB)
Appendix D Proposed Conditions (119KB)
Appendix E Assessment of Regional Plan Rules (30KB)
Application updated (186KB)

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